Renetta J. Cochran
Founder and President

I am, Author Renetta J. Cochran  the Visionary and founder of The Ultimate Black Man Magazine, created in 2009 to recognize and honor Black Man for their outstanding accomplishments.

I believe that if I could constantly pour out positive reinforcements into our community concerning black men, people would start to take heed. If I  could show black men that there are a plethora of black women who respect, love them and want nothing but the best life has to offer them, then a change would happen. I believe that we can  show the world that positive black men do exist in our in homes, on their jobs and in their communities. 

The Ultimate Black Man Magazine is necessary  to advance and progress towards change and I believe it is needed in our community and will continue to recognize as many black men as possible.

I  have  written two inspirational books "From a Caterpillar to a Butterfly" and "Loving You to Loving Me", surrounding my life and her first Urban Erotic book and "Sensational Deception". and I am also the Writer, Producer and Director of two Hit Stage Plays, “Obedience” and "Fool Me Once" .